01 February 2013

untold stories from NYC

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Oh, New York City. I have so many memories and untold stories from the five days I spent there in August. Things I just want to write down before they're forgotten and lost in the depths of my brain. Little things, funny things, good things.

Like how I dropped my pizza on the floor at Ray's Pizza, and all the workers did was laugh as they put another piece into the oven for me and gave it to me free of charge.

Or how we thought that all of the drivers that honked and winked at us from inside their shiny black cars with tinted windows wanted to seduce us, only to realize later, by a kind man who gave us directions in Brooklyn, that they were short limos and saw our suitcases and thought that we needed a ride somewhere.

Or how, on our last night, when we were taking the subway from the city to our apartment in Brooklyn, we got completely lost and ended up somewhere in Queens. And how there were only three or so people in our car, so we put our Statue of Liberty hats on and swung around the poles, dancing and singing and acting like the tourists that we were as my mom shook her head and pretended that she didn't know us.

Or how, every five seconds, one of us would say, "guess what?", to which the answer was always, "we're in New York!".

Or how we bought $9 worth of froyo in a little store in the heart of Times Square, and how we ate it outside at night under the flashing lights.

Or how we got lost in Central Park and couldn't find The Top of The Rock for the life of us and asked someone for directions on how to get to Times Square only for them to tell us that we were in it.

Or how the first three taxis that we got into asked us for directions.

Or how I nearly tripped and fell onto the tracks in the subway station and a strange man told us the proper way to stay safe if you ever fall down there when the subway is coming (you lay as flat as you can in the very middle, for those who want to know).

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of New York. I can't wait for the day that my heart gets reacquainted with the part of it that was left there this summer. 


  1. oh, i love this, Hope. :) i couldn't help laughing at what you wrote down below... such little things, but they are the things that (strangely enough) stand out in our memories. :) lovely pictures, m'dear!


  2. this is so cool! :) I'm more of a country girl at heart but it's sounds like you had a great time in NYC!

  3. I love this! In a couple of months it will have been a year since my trip. :) I'm itching to go back. So amazing.

  4. This is my favorite city in the world. I love it so.

  5. Why wasn't I invited?! Haha. LOOOOOVE these pictures!!!! Take me next time?