01 February 2012


How is it possible that we've already lived an entire month of this new year? I say it all the time, but my goodness, how time flies!


January was a good, long, cold month full of school, warm drinks, stressing for finals, and a little bit of snow, and  although the first few days of a new year are always exciting, the rest of the January days are normally dull and boring, which is why I tend to say that January is my least favourite month.


Normally I dislike change, but in this case, change is welcome, especially if it's welcoming the month of love! Also, now that it's February, I'm ironically starting to get out of that awful January funk! Woohoo!


Happy February Everyone! :)

xoxo - hope

1 comment:

  1. Lovely photos, Hope!
    I have never really enjoyed January, either. I agree with you - it's exciting at first, but then kind of blah.