05 February 2012

new york, new york!

I've been getting reeeaaally excited about my upcoming trip to NYC in August! So excited in fact, that I've made a list of all the must-see attractions! So here they are;

World Trade Center
Statue Of Liberty
Manhatten Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Empire State Building
Grand Central Station
FAO Schwarz
Central Park
Trump Tower
The Plaza
Times Square
Rockefeller Center (Top Of The Rock)
New York Public Library

If you've ever been to New York City and have some suggestions or tips I would love to know! I am SO excited! :)

xoxo - hope


  1. that is so exciting! i can't wait to see lots of pictures :)
    so in grand central station, there's this room where if you awkwardly stand in the corner and talk into it, a person standing in the other corner can hear you. coolest thing ever.

    1. that sounds so cool! I'll for sure try it :D

  2. i have every one of these on my list! i'm also going to a broadway show!

  3. exciting!!!! there better be a bajillion pictures.

  4. It sounds like you're going to have a blast! I go to the city every month or so (thankfully, I live close by)! How long are you staying in the city? I ask because a lot of these places are not close together. Will you be traveling around the city in a cab or walking or subway?

    Central Park, FAO, and The Plaza are on the same "street" so to speak. Central Park is huge by the way and there is no way to see all it has to offer in one day, but you'll be able to visit part of it for sure. Times Square, the library and Top of the Rock (which is awesome by the way - be sure to head up to the very top) are close also. St. Patrick's Cathedral is right across the street from Rock if you get to visit - it's beautiful inside! You can walk to all of those places without a problem. The Statue of Liberty is also fairly close, but a bit of a longer walk. You're pretty much looking at the same view from Top of the Rock and the Statue though, except the Statue is more crowded. WTC and Brooklyn bridge will definitely take you a bit to walk to - they are much farther away. Trump Tower is not as exciting to me, as the other places you've listed and I say that because there really isn't much to do there except to look around. But if you enjoy it, go for it!! If you click on my blog and click on "travel" under the topics icon in the sidebar, it will take you to the trips I've taken to the city!

    1. awesome info! thanks! :) we're not exactly sure how long we'll be staying yet! anywhere from 4 to 7 days probably, and we'll most likely be taking the subway for the majority of our transportation- if we can figure it out! I'll for sure check out your "travel" topic posts! thanks again! :)