17 February 2012

on growing up, and such

When we were younger we would talk for hours about what it would be like to be a teenager, what it would be like to grow up, have special privileges, and be given responsibility. We would talk about our plans for the future, most commonly, what we wanted to be when we grow up, and although the goals are slightly more realistic now, the conversations are still there.


Why is the future so soon, yet so out of focus? Why are we so unsure of the decisions that need to be made? I want answers to these unanswerable questions, and I want to know what it is that I'm supposed to do with my life, because sometimes I feel like college or university isn't even something I need to do, but I know that for the sake of my future, I should plan for it anyways. 


Sometimes I feel like my life would be too boring if I'm not constantly abroad, but like everything else, who knows how I'll feel in a few years time. 


If you're a teenage girl between the ages of 14 and 18, I'm sure you know what I'm going through. If you're younger than that, all I can say is brace yourself, and if you're older, I would love some guidance. 


This thing called life? It's crazy. So please excuse me while I go watch teletubbies on YouTube and pretend to be three again! :)

xoxo - hope


  1. YES! I'm especially thinking about my future education. Debating whether or not college is necessary for a photographer. I don't know. There's so many options! :)
    The main thing I do is take it day by day and pray about it a lot!

  2. mhmm. you nailed it. although my out-of-focus future isn't looking quite so lovely as your out-of-focus bokeh pictures :)
    teletubbies are the best! po was my favorite.

  3. Teletubbies! I mean, really, that was kind of creepy, but yeah. I was more of a Tweenies girl to be honest.
    And I sometimes can't deal with the future so I just forget about it, and try and stop stressing. But other times, it seems like the most exciting thing ever. It's hard.
    What do you want to do? What kind of things are you right now thinking about doing?

    1. Teletubbies ARE creepy, but they're also amazing ;) hahaha Tweenies? Never heard of it! Right now I'm thinking of going into Early Childhood Education! I'm wanting to keep photography as a hobby, not a job, so I'm looking into a couple of other things that I'm passionate about- which includes childcare! :)