19 November 2012

all of the things that scare me are also all of the things that excite me


You know what scares me? The fact that I'm going to get on a plane soon after graduation, by myself, or possibly with a friend, with a limited amount of money, a suitcase of clothes, and a list of places that I'd like to go. It scares me that I may not be able to experience all that I would like to while I can. That maybe I'll run out of money or time or the the feel for adventure. But the thing is, all of the things that scare me are also all of the things that excite me. I'm excited for the once in a lifetime adventures that I'll surely experience. I'm excited for that feeling of satisfaction as I get off of the plane, boat, or train in a new place. I'm excited to spend the money that I've worked so hard to save. And when the time is up or the money runs out, I'll come home and live life differently. I'll bring "this reminds me of that one place in Italy" or "this weather is very England-like" into conversations. I'll talk about my trip to anyone who offers to listen. I'll look through my photos and read through my journal and think about how incredible it is that a dream of mine for so long has actually come true. And yeah, I'll be sad. But I'll just think about all of the little pieces of my heart in different places to hold me over until I'm out there adventuring again. Because there's no way that this girl's travelling heart will ever be tamed. I'm sure of it.

A journal entry from a couple of days ago.


  1. Oh gracious, I'm so happy for you, dearie! Bring back lots of memories, film snapshots, laughter, and souvenirs.

  2. ah this is beautiful. i'm developing a desire to travel too, and i'm so excited to think about where i might go. it's an amazing feeling, traveling.

    p.s. writing your letter tonight! :)

  3. Meet you in London, ok?
    But I am so excited for you and for your making this a reality soon. And your writing is absolutely amazing and incredibly beautiful.