27 August 2013


 photo 1_zpseb16fcce.jpg  photo IMG_0287_zps98c93668.jpg  photo IMG_0284_zpseaf406cc.jpg  photo IMG_0283_zps05bed5d2.jpg  photo 3_zpsd2cf472f.jpg  photo IMG_0294_zps52f7e042.jpg  photo IMG_0298_zps9f74acb7.jpg  photo 2_zps10f2aa72.jpg  photo 5_zpsd64c3ce9.jpg  photo IMG_0304_zpsa3137f1f.jpg  photo IMG_0306_zps02a7ea7c.jpg  photo IMG_0303_zps51126510.jpg  photo IMG_0302_zps750bbccc.jpg  photo 4_zps7c8665a2.jpg  photo IMG_0308_zpsf2edbaea.jpg  photo IMG_0309_zps0c916917.jpg  photo IMG_0313_zps04002ac5.jpg  photo IMG_0320_zpsec2203d8.jpg  photo IMG_0324_zpsf5249505.jpg  photo 8_zpsbe56c29a.jpg  photo IMG_0326_zps18c7cf99.jpg  photo IMG_0328_zpsf8d029cf.jpg  photo IMG_0331_zps99ac56d7.jpg  photo IMG_0335_zpsf33fae92.jpg  photo IMG_0336_zps2ccfa158.jpg  photo IMG_0337_zpsd46dd3d7.jpg  photo IMG_0340_zpse45d33a4.jpg  photo IMG_0341_zpsc8ec4075.jpg  photo IMG_0345_zps3f8d172e.jpg  photo IMG_0346_zpsbe018700.jpg  photo IMG_0350_zps4158e113.jpg  photo IMG_0352_zps608c1db5.jpg  photo IMG_0363_zpse3051ab1.jpg  photo 6_zps0cf1d418.jpg  photo IMG_0366_zpsc1f30654.jpg  photo IMG_0368_zps71ec1790.jpg  photo IMG_0376_zps045631ef.jpg  photo IMG_0373_zpse477929c.jpg  photo 7_zpsb86b4c81.jpg

California. Oh, that place. I've visited the Los Angeles area enough times in my short seventeen years of life to know what to expect now. I know some of the best places to eat, which overrated tourist traps to avoid, to politely say, "no thanks" to the people on Venice Beach who convincingly try to sell you their things. I know that the best view of the city is from Griffith Park, that a trip to Hollywood isn't complete without lunch or dinner at Skooby's, that traffic is expected no matter where you go, at any time of the day. It's nice to be able to feel like a local in a place so far from home, in a city so huge and full of people.

Griffith Park, Hollywood, the Santa Monica Pier, and Venice Beach are my go-to places when I visit, and while I'll never go to LA without visiting these places, I can't wait to someday adventure and get to know other parts of the area, too. One thing about LA is that there's never a shortage of things to do or places to see. I could explore that place for the rest of my life, and I'm convinced that this was just number whatever trip to California of many more to come in the future. 


  1. ah, another place I need to go before I die. it looks awesome! those pictures of you and your sister are so cute! :)

  2. I just visited California as well(In-N-Out was our first stop, of course) I didn't get a chance to go to L.A, but I did go to San Francisco. Loved it!

  3. It looks amazing! And I'm always thrilled when you post photos of where I want to go - I can go without actually going!

    I can't wait to see what you capture when you go to Germany!!