13 June 2011


Guys, Pinterest is genius. Thank you to Kiley for following me, which in return sent me an email, which in return made me go to Pinterest and fall in love. I already had one, but it took me awhile to figure out how to work it. Considering I've re-pinned 52 things in less than an hour, I think I've got the hang of it! 

^^      see      ^^

So if you want to follow me, you should head on over to Pinterest and do just that! :) I guarantee that you will be both addicted & inspired in less than 10 minutes! ;D

Also if you want an invite let me know and I can invite you! :)

P.S- I'm sponsoring a giveaway over here



  1. Pinterest rocks!
    And I was so mad at blogger, because your posts weren't showing up on my dashboard! But now they are. YAY! :)
    And I love your name!

  2. @Natalia

    it really does! I've found so much more inspiration :) I think it's because I changed my blog URL so everyone who followed me before I changed it didn't have my posts showing up :/ I need to let people know! :) And thanks :) I love your name too!