17 June 2011

summer ~ summer ~ summer

Guys. It's summer.


Well, not officially. I still have Final Exams, but today was my absolute last day of grade 9.

I only have one question-


By all means I'm not complaining that this year was speedy quick and it's now summer, but for serious, this year went sooooooooo quickly! It seems like just yesterday was my first day, but it wasn't (no kidding eh?). Anyways, I have no more classes, and after 3 days of Exams, I'll be finished with grade 9 forever (unless of course I fail..)!

Next year I'll be going to a new school but with old friends. In other words, these were my last few days going to this school! I managed to keep myself together until the 3 minutes before the bell rang when one of my friends gave me a hug and told me he'd miss me. That's when the tears started to fall.

I took about a gazillian pictures, which will be posted soon! :)

I love absolutely everything about this school- although I could do without the intense P.E. classes, this year my gym teacher pushed me and all the other students to do their best. Honestly, I've never felt more motivated. I'm sad to leave here, but I'm also extremely excited to be back in my home town with all of my old friends that I've known since Elementary.

Now before I go hit the books and study the hardest I have ever studied in my life, I'm going to go celebrate the fact that summer is here.

I have an odd obsession with taking pictures of my feet... 

What are you enjoying about summer? 


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  1. i take pics of my feet a lot too. haha i think its just cuz there right there. ha.