23 September 2011


I need inspiration. Badly.

What do you do to get out of a rut?



  1. honestly, waiting is the best for me. it eventually comes back. :) reading blogs helps too!

  2. I have no idea - I'm in one as well!

    I'll check back for answers from your other followers :0)

  3. Grace is right....BUT. I find that three things help. The first one helps if you are in a writing rut.
    1. Go to Microsoft word. get the thesaurus out, and start looking up adjectives. wonderful. beautiful. sweet. life. memories. remembering. etc.
    2. For pictures, I "force" myself to go outside, alone, and walk around the yard, taking random pictures. As I do that, I think of what a post title would be, and for each good picture, text.

    A few weeks ago. (ok, month and a half?) I was so uninspired it wasn't even funny. I hadn't posted a "good" post for a while, and it was just the monotonous stuff. I did the second one, and this post became my favorite. I haven't written that well since. <3.

    If all else fails, go back in the archives of Pastor's Girl's Pondering's. Trust me, if anything works, that will. :)

    Hope you come around!

  4. Take pictures. :) Honestly, that's how I do my blog posts: I'll take a picture and write some randomness about it or around it. Then again, I just started blogging, so I haven't really experienced a slump yet.


  5. I just go outside and take ictures of absolutely everything you're bound to find a least one good picture out of that :)

  6. I suggest taking a break to take some pictures..sometimes blogging can just be like a weight on your shoulders that you need to remove sometimes!