26 April 2012

the blackberry graveyard

Apparently I suck at taking care of my phones. Case in point- I've been through three BlackBerry Curves in the last five months. The first two were put into my cardigan pocket and slammed into the car door which pressured the screen, making texts completely unreadable. The third though, was unfortunately stolen when I was sitting on the seat right next to it. Total bummer. I was hoping third times the charm, but I guess not. 

Maybe the fourth times the charm? 

xoxo - a wanting to ramble, very bad phone-keeper hope


  1. oh no! RIP your phone :( the one thing I have to say about my little flip phone is that it survives EVERYTHING. I've dropped it more times than I can count and it's still going strong... hope your fourth time is the charm! :)

  2. seriously? who would do that? that stinks! hope you get a new one soon! :)

  3. That stinks!! Are you getting a new one? I have a blackberry that I no longer use if you're interested ... let me know!

    1. Thank you so much, but I did get a new one! :)

  4. Ha. I'm the same way! I have terrible luck with phones. I bet your fourth will be the charm. : )