18 April 2012


Have you ever wanted to ask me a question but didn't wanna feel like a stalker? Well now's the time- ask me any question at all in the comments below and I'll answer them in either vlog or post form (as long as it's appropriate and not too stalker-ish)! :) 

What are you waiting for? Ask away! 

xoxo - hope


  1. What's your dream camera and lens?! :)

  2. oooh! if you do a vlog, then my question is what is the weirdest face you can make? :)
    if not, and in addition to my above question, how did you first become interested in photography?
    pleasepleaseplease make it a vlog :))

  3. i looove these kinds of posts!! and yes, please do a vlog : )
    -who is your favorite celebrity and why?
    -favorite pair of shoes that you own?
    -what kind of computer do you use?
    -favorite dessert?