30 April 2012

ramblings and a sunset

I have troubles with blogging sometimes. When I can't think of what to say or find the proper words to express how I'm feeling I normally just give up. It's hard to put what your feeling into words sometimes, and it can get a little frustrating. I recently read a post on bloggers and blogging that talks about how making your own content rather than stealing other bloggers' ideas is so important, and it got me thinking. Sometimes making your own content is not easy. Sometimes I sit at my computer for hours, barely spitting out two sentences, get majorly frustrated, then close my computer and walk away. But from now on I'm gonna try a new style of writing. Not one that's meant to inspire, but rather something from the heart, or brain I guess. Whatever I'm feeling, whatever I'm doing, whatever's going on around me will somehow be put into words, which means this blog may contain a whole lot of rambling. It also means I may not be posting as often as normal. 



xoxo - hope


  1. yup. i know exactly what you mean.
    oh, and just so you know, your quote about photography being something you can't imagine living without is on my desktop. I can't stop reading it! :)

    1. You, my friend, just made my night. Thank you! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean, too! except that instead of trying to find new ways to write, I usually just give up and post a bunch of pictures. :) can't wait to read more of your lovely posts!