02 July 2011

interview with kiley

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Hey guys! While I'm on vacation you'll be seeing a few interviews with some of my favourite bloggers! The first interview is the one and only Kiley from Click and Capture Photography!


tell us a little bit about yourself:

i kinda am in love with this picture.

Heyy! I am a teen girl who loves photography, and takes pictures like there's no tomorrow. I love Jesus with all my heart, and my siblings and family are my daily support. I am not a morning girl but love staying up late, vacations are a favorite, nails, hair and makeup are lots of fun and blogging is an obsession. Babysitting is my (loved) job, and photography is high up there too, Starbucks coffee and late night movies=♥ I dare you to follow my blog and learn more about me. Nice to meet you.

1) when did you first become interested in photography?
A few years ago, my aunt who is only 4 years older then me, got an SLR. I thought it was the coolest thing! I shot around with it every time we got together but had no clue what I was doing. In early 2010 I went out and bought a more expensive point and shoot. Then in late 2010 I really starting wanting a SLR. In September a bought a used Canon Rebel XSi.

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2) what camera(s) do you use?
Right now, I have the Nikon d3100, and a sony cybershot p&s. I love them both but defiantly use my Nikon more often!

3) does your camera have a name?
I tried to name by Canon Rebel Haley, but it never stuck. I guess I never named my Nikon.....maybe I should do that. ;)

4) any lenses? flashes? other equipment?
I have the Nikon kit lens, and the 55-200mm lens. I use my 55-200 just about 100% of the time. I'm trading my kit lens in for a 35mm f/1.8 really, really soon though!

snack shack! {78/365}

5) what's on your equipment wish-list?
The 35mm, 50mm, lightroom or a higher version of photoshop, monopods, remotes, lots of things. The wishlist will never end. (sadly!) You can see my full wishlist here.

6) what's your absolute favourite thing about photography?
Capturing such fun moments! You can't remember every moment in life so capturing them in photographs is essential. ;)

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7) what's your favourite thing to photograph? people? nature? other?
I really have never thought about a favorite, people ask me but I can never answer! I really like to photograph people but nature, food, and basically everything in site is a favorite too. ;)

8) do you ever get referred to as "the girl who's always taking pictures (I know I do). If yes, do you mind?
YES I do. Some people will say something like "your taking a picture of that....?" Sometimes it does bug me, but really its what I love to do so if they are going to be spending a lot of time with me I would recommend getting used to it. haha.

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9) what do you do to find inspiration?
Search photography sites! A few of my favorites are Three Nails Photography, Photography by Nealy, Knox Photography, Bumble & Bloom, and Jessica Shae!

10) any tips you'd like to give fellow photographers/bloggers?
Don't be discouraged. It's a tip I give lots of people. Don't be discouraged about anything. Your photography, your blog, your little amount of followers, anything! :D

Thanks Hope for letting me post on here! ♥


Thanks for doing this Kiley! It was fun! :)