07 July 2011

the ups and downs..

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..of photography that is! I've been wanting to do a post like this for awhile, but never found the right time. Now that I'm on vacation, this is a perfect kind of scheduled post! :)

First, we'll start with the positive things-


1. You see beauty in everything. Sometimes even a pencil sharpener. Ahem.
2. You get to capture that beauty, and show other people how beautiful a pencil sharpener really can be.
3. You get to show people how the world looks through your eyes.
4. That sense of creativity you get when you capture that perfect shot.
5. You're taking moments from your everyday life and freezing those memories to remember forever.



1. You are constantly seeing the world through a frame, whether it be your view-finder or your man-this-would-make-an-awesome-picture frame in your head.
2. Because of number 1, you often miss out on seeing things first hand.
3. There is an often I-feel-like-I'm-taking-the-same-picture-over-and-over-again lack of inspiration.
4. You use up a lot of memory on your computer.
5. You spend more time uploading, editing, and publishing the pictures then you do taking them.

The verdict? I'll gladly accept all the cons for the thing I love to do most! :) What do you think? Any you would add?



  1. So true! I would probably add one to the con list "Lose sleep because I can't stop thinking about editing photos" lol

  2. Heyy It looks like you've changed your background! didi Kiley do it?! she did mine, and it looks like she gave you the same pattern as mine!!! haha

  3. Great post! I totally agree!