15 May 2011

cloud time-lapse video

I had posted this already, but blogger deleted it when it had it's little freak out earlier this week. I was hoping it would get re-stored, but it's been awhile and it still hasn't re-appeared. Since it's short I'm just going to post it again! :)

I had some time on my hands on Thursday morning since my friends forgot to come pick me up for school. While I was waiting for my mom I decided to try doing a time-lapse. I got the idea from More Photos, Less Words.

I put my camera on my tri-pod so that it wouldn't be moving and took a picture approximately every 10 seconds. I had over 140 pictures and it only made 12  minutes seconds of video, so you need quite a lot! I really want to try this with a sunset or sunrise one day! :) 



  1. Woah that was really cool!! And I think in your post you meant 12 seconds not minutes ;)