25 May 2011

happy monday | something you love

  Happy Monday's theme this week is Something You Love. This is a hard subject to find a picture for because pretty much anything can work. I love my family, my friends, flowers, animals, bright colours, blue skies, trees, green grass, and so much more. I have pictures of all of these things, but then I realized, I have pictures of every one of these things, pictures.

I love taking pictures. I love cameras. I love pretty much anything to do with photography. 

So, I figured the most fitting picture, would be of a camera, and since I can't take a picture of my camera that I use to take pictures with (does that make sense?) I settled on a picture of my vintage cameras! :)

Putting that super long introduction aside, I give you, my entry: 


All the vintage cameras/movie cameras that I got from my grandma yesterday! :) 

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