07 March 2012

feast your eyes | a guest post by mary ann

Hey everyone! It's Mary Ann. When Hope asked me to guest post on her blog, I felt delighted - and hungry. I had just been looking through a bunch of pictures I've taken lately, and I found a common theme: food. I decided to share some of those pictures with you!

Lately, I've been thinking how great it would be to become a food photographer.

I mean, come on. You make pretty, delicious things, or have other people make pretty & delicious things for you.

You take pictures of them.

And then you eat your work.

Dream job? I think yes.
I'm Mary Ann: lover of chocolate, bokeh, blog comments, raindrops, and all things pink (like my DSLR). I have a little problem with taking WAY too many pictures because, well, they make me happy. I created my blog, shutter happy, to share all the best ones with you. I would love it if you'd visit! If blogging's not your thing, you can also find me on flickr. Thanks for letting me guest post, Hope! 


  1. if animal crackers and frappe's are your specialty...
    I'm coming to your house mary ann!
    seriously you make me hungry now, i don't know why, but you seem to do this all. the. time.
    Great guest post!

  2. i agree. this post made me so hungry for a million different things. and pretty photos, too!

  3. yes! I want to be a food photographer. it was hilarious, last week we went out to eat with my cousins (whom, I hardly ever see) and I was taking pictures of my food, and my 10 year old cousin, who was sitting across from me just giggled and giggled. I told them "well, someone has to take the pictures of the food on boxes, and advertisements it might as well be me someday."
    they thought that statement was funny too. oh dear!

  4. Starbucks + homemade Oreos = true.love.

  5. Oh! I love this! :)
    And um, love that starbucks picture, of course! ;)