05 March 2012

pinspiring | a guest post by grace

 oh hey! i've never heard "pinspiring" before. i think i just made up a new word.
anyways. i'm here on hope's cute lil' blog to talk to you about something very big in my life and very, very close to my heart. this... is pinterest.

yes. a website.

so i've had a tiny addiction loved pinterest ever since i first laid my eyes on it. maybe it's not "very big in my life" or "very close to my heart" but i really do love it! that's always where i go for fashion, photography, room, and food inspiration!

here are a few of my favorite pins from my photography board. : )

 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 67 
hola! i'm grace. i blog about stuff over at grace loves the beatles. i really, really do love the beatles, but that's not really what my blog is about! i blog about random stuffs, actually. i'm a sister, daughter, friend, blogger, student, and aspiring photographer. why dontchya come introduce yourself, i'm sure i'd love to meet you. : )  


  1. hey, I pinned that last one :) love these!

  2. I love Pintrest. To me, it's really good because not only can you visually pull together ideas, but you can CREDIT PROPERLY!!! Which is something I'm quite passionate about--if you work hard, you deserve credit. And word spreads through repins, and if it links back to you, your business or your project or your art can grow. And that's something that is missing sometimes on blogs/tumblr/etc.