13 March 2012

the thinker | a guest post by jocee

ever found yourself lost in thought? staring at something and wondering how it's made? pondering on the many ways to start a conversation? wondering how fabric is made, how thread is made; anything? quite frankly, if you don't think, there's something wrong with you.

i often find myself lost in thought. whether thinking out loud {which is why my friends say i talk too much} or quietly. and for the most part, i think quietly. in volleyball, during school, reading, watching the tele. my mind can't stay in one place because it has so many other places to go. for example, last minute i was thinking of the delusional ways of a blackbird. right now, i want to know what the above dishtowel would look like if it was made differently.

what would happen if i looked to the left next and not to the right? if i started the conversation this way and ended it that way? why do the days get longer and shorter even though it's still a twenty-four hour day? these are some things that run through my mind constantly.

do you ever find yourself lost in thought?
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  1. Yes, I do this often. I am constantly over-thinking things, or getting lost in my own world while I'm supposed to be studying... =/

  2. Often, in fact. oh so very often...

  3. Happen to much for me, seriously. I some times get too cauaght in my thoughts that I miss what's going on. Got to work on that.... *hee hee*