17 March 2012

one year

One year ago today I walked into Future Shop empty handed and came out twenty minutes later with my beloved Canon Rebel T2i in a bag around my wrist. I assembled it in the car on our ride home, and was excited beyond belief to test it out. This is the very first picture I ever took with my camera, and I remember squealing with delight at what I, at the time, thought was the most magical bokeh ever. 


In one year I learned how to shoot in manual mode, gained two lenses, some lens pens, two camera bags, lost two lens caps, took probably somewhere around 5000 pictures, learned that having breaks are okay, had many photo shoots with friends, dropped my camera two times (two very scary times), and even braved being in front of the camera instead of behind it.

It has been one wild and crazy year of expressing myself in a new way, and I'm not even close to kidding when I say that my camera strap has been a near-constant fixture on my neck, which now that I think of it may explain some of the neck problems I've been having! ;)

I hope to learn just as much this year as I did last, and I'd like to wish my beautiful camera a happy first birthday!

xoxo - hope


  1. happy birthday, hope's camera! my lilly's birthday is coming up this week, too :)

  2. Well, happy birthday to you camera! I am looking forward to another year full of photos. *smiles*.